Rose Club Upcoming Events and Info


Rose Club info and Upcoming Events



2021 Member Information

10:00am Start March, April & October
9:00am Start May through September

Rose Club Member's weekly round fee includes:

$40 Golf Board or shared cart, green fee, driving range balls & prize fund

$35 (for players not using a Golf Board or shared cart) green fee, range balls & prize fund

President's Club Members only - $5  green fee, range balls & prize fund

How do I join Centennial Rose Club?
Complete the Rose Club Member Sign up information form found on this website OR Purchase Centennial Club Card on this website

What is the cost to join Centennial Rose Club?
$35: Centennial President's Club & golfers with a GHIN registered at another course
$70: Rose Club Membership and 2021 OGA GHIN registered at Centennial
$159: Centennial Club Card: Includes Rose Club Membership, OGA GHIN plus many other Centennial offers and benefits

2021 Rose Club Board

President:  Laura Jones

Vice-President:  Sandy Estlund

Treasurer:  Susan Hutton

Secretary:  Nancy McLaughlin

 Past President Rep: Vicki Capp

Rose Club Committee Chairs

Handicap/Rules Chair:  Laurel Kiichli

Play of the Day:  Sandy Estlund

Publicity Chair:  Vicki Capp

Awards/Statistics: Carol Bogedain

Hospitality Chair: Nancy McLaughlin


President's Cup: Laura Jones
Club Championship: Sandy Estlund



The 2021 Kick-Off Breakfast will be March 4th at Centennial Grille. Information will be posted on the website or emailed to current members February 2021. The first round of season play starts immediately after the breakfast meeting. 

The 2021 Play of the Day schedule has not been finalized.  It will be emailed to all members and posted on the Centennial Golf Club website.

Rose Club members are offered a lunch special after play.

 President's Cup Tournament played two consecutive weeks, Stroke Play with Low Net Champion.

Rose Club Championship Tournament played two consecutive weeks, Stroke Play with Low Gross Champion.

Choose Your Partner(s) format is Stroke Play, the first Thursday of each month.

We use "Golf Genius" for Play of the Day scoring. It is fast, accurate and compatible with our weekly Play of the Day game.  Golf Genius will automatically post all player scores after Club play.  Members are responsible for posting non-Rose Club rounds on the same day of play, either via phone app or at your club, as set by the World Golf Handicap System now in use for worldwide golf.

Call the Centennial Golf Shop (773-4653)

to sign up or for more information.




Rose Club Application Form

Rose Club Schedule


4th            10 am - ROSE CLUB Spring Kick Off Breakfast/Meeting
                  11 am -  Pick Your Own Partner: Tee Times
11th          10 am - Easiest 9 Holes
18th          10 am - Odd or Even ( Pro Shop Decides During Play)
25th         10 am -  Team (Front 9 2 Best Ball - Back 9 Scramble)
1st             10 am - Pick Your Own Partner
8th            10 am - Tee to Green (Subtract Putts From Net)
15th          10 am - Lemon Drop (Drop 9 Worst Holes)
22nd         10 am - Best of 15
29th          10 am - Par 4's
6th            9 am - Pick Your Own Partner
13th          9 am - Hardest 9 Holes
20th          9 am - Team CHA, CHA, CHA (Play your own ball A, B, C, D Player)
27th          9 am - T's & F's (2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15)
3rd           9 am - Pick Your Own Partner
4th                         Women's National Golf Day (Note this is a Friday)
10th          9 am - PRESIDENT'S CLUB TOURNAMENT
17th          9 am - PRESIDENT'S CLUB TOURNAMENT
24th         9 am - SOLSTICE 27 ( 9 Holes at Quail Point & 18 Holes at Centennial )
1st             9 am - Pick Your Own Partner
8th            9 am - Odd Or Even ( Pro Shop Decides During Play )
15th          9 am - Team ( Front 9 Scramble - Back 9 2 Best Balls )
22nd        9 am - 3 Blind Mice ( Pro Shop Decides 3 Holes To Toss )
29th         9 am - Par 4's
5th          9 am - Pick Your Own Partner
12th        9 am - 3's and 5's
2nd        9 am - Pick Your Own Partner
9th         9 am - Team 2 Best Balls (A,B,C,D Player)
17th       9 am - Just The Middle Holes 5 - 12 (Note This Is A Friday)
23rd      9 am - Best of 15
30th      9 am - E's and S's ( 6, 7, 8, 11, 16, 17, 18 )
7th         10 am - Pick Your Own Partner
14th       10 am - 3's and 5's
21st       10 am - Team BOO Ball Tournament
28th     10 am -  4 Clubs Plus A Putter
4th         10 am - END OF YEAR BANQUET/MEETING

President's Cup Tournament ( June 10th & 17th )
Stroke Play Net Tournament played on two consecutive Thursdays; lowest overall net score determines the tournament champion. Tournament play is only on the two designated dates. Makeup rounds are not permitted.
Club Championship Tournament ( August 19th & 26th ) Stroke Play GROSS Tournament played on two consecutive Thursdays; lowest overall gross score determines the tournament champion. Members must complete five official Rose Club rounds prior to the first day of the tournament to qualify.


17th & 18th - Pear Blossom Tournament at Eagle Point GC & Centennial GC

DUE TO COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS - The Tournament Schedule for 2021 is still to be determined